Lourdes is just like any other teenager

Well,  okay – the daughter of Madonna isn’t quite your average 13 year old.

For a start, Madonna’s her mum.  So if you believe everything you read she was never allowed to watch TV or eat sweets growing up and she’s supposed to be exceptionally clever with a wise-beyond-her-years head for business and fashion.

Oh, and she’s drop-dead-gorgeous.

So, when I heard she’s got her own fashion line and had started up a blog I wondered what on earth this exceptionally savvy young creature with the unconventional upbringing would convey to the world.

This is what she wrote:

Helluuur thurrrr, I’m Lola and this is my first blog entry so it’s kind of like ummmm….

I’m just going to use this blog entry to tell y’all a little bit about myself. I’m 13 and I’ll be 14 in October, so I can’t wait for that because I am FINALLY allowed to dye my hair… THANK YOU MOTHER!! My favvvv color is black (just because it goes with everything) and my least favorite color is brown (because it resembles the color of something QUITE gross).

Oh, thank goodness.

In a sea of Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus’s trying to grow up too fast, she’s just a normal teen.

55 thoughts on “Lourdes is just like any other teenager

  1. It’s actually pretty hard to imagine a life having a celebrity as your mother. The way you get treated is probably different and you may get involved with all the gossips that your mom had been involved.
    Reading your post had changed my stereotype about them and Lourdes’ actual blog had proved me how she is not that different from us normal teenagers in a way.


  2. Maybe a “intelligent” mother would not expose the “talents” of her daughter at that age, and let her have this “secret side of her own” far away from the media.Time to mature needs the space to experiment, sometimes even fail and struggle on HER OWN, instead of being pushed into a false concept of early age success based on temporary second hand celebrity. If she was not the daughter of this mother, who would care about such teenager “fashion”?


  3. Well, for starters she will never be an ordinary girl, simply because she is the daughter of Madonna.And I agree there are a lot of basis of what a normal teen is. So let’s not jump to conclusions.Maybe this young teenager has a secret side of her own.


  4. I think this would all depend on your personal of what a “normal teen” is.

    How many normal teens do you know that are starting their own fashion line?


  5. I agree Oscar, but some teenager reality’s are more “equal” in their expression and media presence than other.
    From the “golden cage” puberty to a suburbia “puberty”, the transition phase might be not relevant to the media in the same way.


  6. Time flies… she is a teenager. Once Madonna was. Once I was. It’s nice understand what a teenager like her perceives the world. It’s always a curious discovery.


  7. Truly Intelligent people don’t consider the IQ representative to measure human intelligence.
    Fact is and not a “rumour” that intelligence is inclusive/collaborative and NOT celerity hierarchic.


  8. Nice post, good to see she is growing up well. I guess Madona is a much better mom than most celebrities. But I must say, I hate the way some teenagers write. Then again, I’m no normal teenager. And people never let it go. I’m always refered to as the New Dali Lama or the 16 year old re-incarnation of Ghandi… not so great on the social scene, but I love to write and my “talent” has been nutured from a young age (though sadly my spelling could not be helped- thank goodness for computers and spell check).

    I don’t like how teenagers nowadays (would you ever guess I was 16?- I laugh at myself saying ‘nowadays”) are so nonchallant, not at all independent or have any individuality, on majority, and this is all manifested in the way they write. Like you all said, she sounds like a normal teenager. “Favvvvvv…Helluuuuur thuuuur… ummmm…” and is it really neccesairy to put 10 extra vowels on every other word??? Oh well, who am I to judge?

    I do, however, like her hair colouring statement. My parent’s would never let me die my hair, but I would love to die it black. Don’t get me wrong, personnally I like my honey brown hair (whats wrong with brown? its the colour of chocolate, earth, soil, and fertiliser (lol sorry just had to put that in) all great things in my book) but when yoy have a mediteranean background, and everyone in your family looks alike and people constantly question you upon meeting “SHE is YOUR TWIN sister??? you’ve GOT to be kidding me!” it getts a bit annoying to be the black sheep and to be reminded of it every time you look in the mirror. No one else (other than my dead grandmother) has the same blue-green eyes as me, or the same hair, or the same skin. My skin is translucent, I burn, (though its not pasty thank goodness) and I’m the only one in the ENTIRE family (extended included) to have freckles. What gives? Why did I end up being the anomaly? THAT is why I would dye my hair black. To blend in, just a tad.


  9. yes! Hurray for normal teens!!! I have to say- Madonna may be the Queen of Pop or whatever but she seems to be a proper mom to her children. No Mama Lohan in sight…


  10. Hahahaha!
    I really enjoyed this!(:
    I loved the way you put in specific examples from her blog, that clearly backed up what you were trying to say.
    Made me really see her as a “typical teen”.


  11. I love how you picked one of the minor celeberties.
    Madonna`s daughter must have no freedom.
    I think she should let her do what ever she thinks is right, but with a little bit of rules. Its bad to torture kids.
    Now that i read this post I kind of want to know more about her, and the realtionship with her famous mom madonna.
    good post. I enjoyed it very much.


  12. Your bluntness to the topic gives more humour to the article.
    Yeah she sounds a little too silly to be a 13-year old. I guess that’s what lack of candy does to you.


  13. Hahaha, in a few years, she’ll look back at that entry with an embarrassed laugh… Judge is you wish but we have all been there.


  14. I get the feeling that she is going to be one of the few kids of a celebrity that isnt going to end up drunk at the age of 15, doing pole dances at the age of 17 and kissing girls at the age of 18 because “its the cool thing to do”.


  15. It’s rare to come across a teenager with well-thought-out opinions that can write clearly…and design her own clothing to boot! All too often, only the troublemakers get covered by the media, so thank you for putting the spotlight on one of the good ones. I wonder if my grandniece (also a teenager) reads Lola’s Blog. I’ll have to ask her.

    The Codger


  16. Hahaha. That’s funny. i like black too and i don’t like brown. I guess i do still have the mind of a teenager. Although im not too keen on the “thurrrr” and favvvv, haha. She writes way better than some teenagers do nowadays. You know. Like Dizz. and Shizzle fo Hizzle only it’s not so cool.


  17. It was nice reading your blog but the last comment is comparing apples to oranges. The teenagers you mentioned are at a different phase of the teenage years. Give her two or three more years and she too will be on a track to “grow up too fast.”


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  19. Great story! Lots of work went into this one. I appreciate that. I see so many story with little content. Come check out my story and let know what you think…?


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