It’s raining cringe…

Last week I worked my last shift as a producer on a little show you might have heard of called Good Morning Britain.

The world of breakfast telly is bonkers. You can never quite guarantee what’s going to happen next – so I have a lot of respect for the presenters and how they do their thing live on air at stupid o’clock in the morning.

To celebrate my departure, I had a go at taking on the weather – and quickly realised it’s even more fiddly and confusing than it looks. Many thanks to Alex Beresford for patiently giving me some much-needed guidance – and the best of luck to him as he competes in this year’s Dancing On Ice.

Well, I had to get my fun where I could during my last week. My leaving was do was a little bit overshadowed by the tiny occurrence of a certain GMB presenter interviewing the President of the United States. In case you hadn’t heard about that already.

In all seriousness though, say what you like about Trump but that was a bloody brilliant scoop. I’m going to miss working with the amazing GMB team enormously. Don’t think they’ll be missing my weather presenting skills though…

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