Ashley Olsen in blue

I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but then I kept on seeing it and every time I saw it I had an opinion on it, so what the hey.

Ashley Olsen looks like an adorable little doll.

The dress is so… big.  And frilly.  And so, so blue.

But, I LOVE the blue.  And I like the shiny texture.  And her hair and makeup looks so fresh and pretty.

And oh, those shoes.  I have a shoe calendar at work, where every day is a new page with a picture of a different shoe (usually extremely hideous).  But my favourite so far has been those exact shoes that Ashley is wearing there- which is why I know they are Manolo Blahniks as used in Sex and the City.  And they’re rather cute.  Monday January 18 on the calendar in case you were wondering.



Oh. Dear. 

These “shoes” are apparently going to be the next trend for all fashion victims who rush out to buy the latest thing just because it’s “in”, never mind that fact that it’s FREAKING UGLY AS HELL. 

Like Uggs, and Crocs, but much, much worse.

I mean I ask this about everything I post but I will ask it again- SERIOUSLY??

Even the models look like they’d rather be wearing footwear of piranhas chewing away at their toes than these monstrosities.