Kate Winslet looks amazing, and like every other actress in Hollywood


To find things to write about here I practically whizz through pictures of celebrities, only stopping when something makes me go “ooooh”, “aaaaah” or “eeeeew”.

I whizzed right past this one.  Then, a  few moments later as I was looking at a picture of Rhianna thinking how she really is getting away with that whole fetishist Woody Woodpecker look I thought: “Wait – was that Kate Winslet?!”

So I clicked back and confirmed to myself that it is indeed Kate Winslet, almost unrecognisable, with her new lean figure, tan and blonde hair.  She looks utterly fantastic.  But, she looked fantastic AND stood out from the crowd with her curves and pale skin.

I can’t help but think “what a shame”.

Agyness gets a new ‘do

I quite like Agy, who’s hailed to be the next Kate Moss.  I saw her interviewed on TV a little while back and was intrigued to hear a down-to-earth northern accent come from the exotic, androgynous face that I’d seen plastered absolutely everywhere.

People criticise her for her edgy style but even more applaud it.  Personally I think she blows that aging hag Kate Moss right out the window.  Whereas Kate is usually papped with a constant sneer etched on her face, Agy always looks really relaxed and happy. 

Hmm, maybe a few more years in the industry will change that – but I hope not.

Saying that, I don’t like her new hair much.  She was probably sick of everyone copying her last ‘do but I bet all the sheep are now running to their salons with this picture in tow.

What do you think of the new Agy ‘do? 

(Haha… “Agy ‘do”!  Agy do do do, push pineapple… er, nevermind.)