RIP Michael Jackson


Now I pride myself on only ever writing about things I want to on this blog, and not writing about something just because everyone else is talking about it.

But the passing of Michael Jackson is a historical day for music and popular culture, and I couldn’t just simply let it pass without a mention.

When I heard the news I was driving to work along the motorway and my mouth was hanging open with shock for the rest of the journey.  A legend was dead, and although I was never a massive fan, I don’t think there are many people who don’t have some sort of memory attached to some of his work.

The man had a strange, sad life in many ways, and perhaps he was the original car crash celebrity. But he will be missed and always remembered.

Rest in Peace, Jacko.

When celebrities pull stupid faces part 12,8593

Whenever J-Lo goes in front of the photographers she always does this stoned-out, slack jawed expression. It’s almost as irritating as Keira Knightley’s pout.  Why do celebrities pull such silly trademark faces?  The narrowed, sleepy eyes that look like they can’t take the weight of her fake eyelashes and the parted lips just begging for a stream of drool to emerge… not a good look.  She’s so much prettier when she smiles.


I stared at this picture for a long time wondering how long it takes Dita Von Teese to leave the house.  The hair, the makeup, the nails, the corsets.  She looks absolutely stunning.  Does she dust her whole body with talcum powder or something though?  Is anyone that pale??

Although, interesting fact of the day, Dita is actually a natural blonde. She pulls the black hair off magnificently. If I dyed my hair that colour I’d look like Oscar the Grouch after someone poured tar in his trash can.

She’s currently hawking her new Wonderbra range.  Would you buy bras from this woman?  I have to say I think I would, but I bet they’re pricy.

Not a great week for Kelly O

Poor Kelly Osbourne.  When I first saw this picture I thought: “Oh those tabloid darlings, always getting themselves into such scrapes!”  Seriously did you see Lily Allen go for that girl on the streets of London last week?  It was like looking at pictures of a rabid dog having a fit.

But I digress.  Apparently Kelly was at home with a stomach bug and she reached up to get a glass from her cupboard, only for the whole cabinet to come crashing down on top of her!  Unlucky!  (Glad to see she’s tucking into the Haribo for comfort though – there’s a girl after our own hearts.)

Now I had a stomach bug the other week and if that had happened to me, then my boyfriend would have probably come home to find me on the floor in tears in the middle of a puddle of my own excrement (it was a really nasty stomach bug).  So I sympathise with Kelly.  Especially as her Project Runway show has been cancelled.  She can’t be feeling great. 

Although she probably did get in a fight and the whole cupboard thing is a PR lie.  What?!   I’m allowed to be bitchy about her, she has a model toyboy to cheer her up!