Car Crash Quotes: Pink

I checked into Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, in the summer and I went to see a therapist, telling him I was an alcoholic. He asked me when I’d had my last drink and I couldn’t remember – it had been a few weeks previously. I then read the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) manual cover to cover and we talked. I realized I wasn’t an alcoholic, just someone who likes to get drunk every now and again. I’m trying to work out if that’s a bad thing.

Um.  Isn’t she supposed to be rock and roll?  If she thinks that’s being an alcoholic then I’m George Best’s liver reincarnated. 

Seriously, the last time I could say my last drink was a few weeks ago I was 13.  Oh my God!  I’d better get myself straight to rehab then! 

Celebrities are so desperate sometimes.  It’s like they want to have problems such as alcoholism because they think it makes them look cooler or something.  Sad.  Pink, stick to slating George Bush and campaigning for animal rights.  I like you better that way.