Emma Watson has gone for the chop

Ok, I’m going to admit that when this picture popped up on my screen I actually gasped and said: “OH. MY GOD.”

And that means I should really re-evaluate my life, I suppose.

But, talk about drastic!  Perhaps it’s an expression of her being liberated from ever having to play Hermione Granger again?  Her way of saying: “Look world, I am a serious actress now. And while you’re at it send a few more high fashion modelling contracts my way please as I clearly possess exquisite bone structure that can pull off any style.”

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Gemma Arterton looks like a princess (of Persia)

It’s so easy to look at pictures of celebs, and think “wow they look really good” but it’s so much more exciting when it’s someone you can relate to, like Gemma Arterton.

I like a girl who does it for the Brits, without resorting to draping bits of material off their size zero limbs or copying the all-American blonde and bronzed look, or trying too hard to be different.

That’s why I like Gemma. She is what she is and she’s stunning while doing what she does. She looks healthy and happy and like a classic princess in that gown.

It takes me back to when I was a little girl and wanted to float about in big dresses with a crown on my head, like the Disney princesses.

Kate Winslet looks amazing, and like every other actress in Hollywood


To find things to write about here I practically whizz through pictures of celebrities, only stopping when something makes me go “ooooh”, “aaaaah” or “eeeeew”.

I whizzed right past this one.  Then, a  few moments later as I was looking at a picture of Rhianna thinking how she really is getting away with that whole fetishist Woody Woodpecker look I thought: “Wait – was that Kate Winslet?!”

So I clicked back and confirmed to myself that it is indeed Kate Winslet, almost unrecognisable, with her new lean figure, tan and blonde hair.  She looks utterly fantastic.  But, she looked fantastic AND stood out from the crowd with her curves and pale skin.

I can’t help but think “what a shame”.