The Oscars happened and some people wore some clothes

Dear reader, give your eyes a long, cool, delicious sip of this:

Oh Cameron.  Oh Cammy, Cammy, Cammy.  Wow.

I actually gasped when I first saw this picture and then looked around the room to see if anyone else was looking over my shoulder, also basking in the feminine sparkliness.  As it happened, no one was, they were all working like I should have been, but still, I basked alone and oohed and ahhed to myself over how gorgeous she looks.

This is, by far my favourite look of the night.

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Vivienne Westwood didn’t like the SATC movie


Wacky fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has publicly spoken of her disregard for the Sex and the City movie, despite her own work being featured in it.

The 67-year-old says: “I thought Sex and the City was supposed to be about cutting-edge fashion and there was nothing remotely memorable or interesting about what I saw. I went to the premiere and left after 10 minutes.”

She added that she thought the film was: “Quite dull.”

This surprises me, as while I agree the fashion wasn’t ‘cutting edge’ I did think it was very fun and enjoyable. The outfits had me gasping both in admiration and horror, and I thought the best dress was one Carrie wears for a Vogue shoot, designed by Westwood herself!  Her name even appears in the script, so what’s not to like from her point of view?

SJP as Carrie in one of Viv’s dresses.
Complete with dead bird on head.

But I suppose she doesn’t have to like the film just because her designs appear in it.

Plus, Viv does like to go against the grain.  I met her once while she was demonstrating outside the Houses of Parliament against nuclear weapons, and while she was very pleasant and took the time to chat to me, she was definitely a bit ‘away with the fairies’.

I was glad to see she does actually wear that outrageous hair and makeup during the day as well though!

SJP is not a stunner. Get over it

With all the hoopla surrounding the release of the Sex and City film, a low murmer can be heard beneath the shrill excitement about dresses, cosmos and Mr.Big.  And it’s saying: “But Sarah Jessica Parker is so plain!”


Yes, shock horror people, a lead actress has a few wrinkles and a big nose.  The arguable opinion that this makes her ugly is shown by the birth of this charming website (which gets credit for the above picture).  And when Maxim magazine published a list of the most ‘unsexy’ women in the world, guess who came up on top?  Poor Sarah Jessica.

But, really, what’s the big deal?  The woman has made millions through being Carrie, a woman who not only gets her man, but gets all the best shoes as well.  The fact that she’s someone who doesn’t fit into the plastic Hollywood mould should be celebrated.

But before you think the cynic in me has gone soft (no one sets up blogs to say nice things about people do they?) don’t think I’m defending her as a down to earth minion like you and me.  Afterall, the woman has abs I could smash a bottle on and a wardrobe to die for.  Bitch.