The Bear Hat strikes again

I could make this post all about how Katie Price’s man won Celebrity Big Brother last night but let’s just take a moment to think about what’s really important here.

Cast your eyes to the lovely lady in the crowd on the right hand side of the picture.  She is wearing The Bear Hat.  I directed your attention to The Bear Hat when Katy Perry was photographed wearing it.

The Bear Hat is everywhere.  Not only do I own one myself, half the world seems to be wearing it.  I spot it daily in the city I live in, on both males and females and I am very much enjoying the fact that the world is experiencing The Bear Hat Love.

Long live The Bear Hat!


Jade Goody has cancer


Jade Goody has been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She received the news in India while participating in their version of Big Brother.  The clip apparently shows her being called to the diary room , after which she becomes hysterical and tells her fellow housemates: “I have cancer.” She has now left the house.

I’ve never hidden my dislike for Jade Goody in this blog.  I think the woman has absolutely no shame and needs to remove herself from the public eye.  But all the celebrities we love to hate – Jade, Kerry Katona, Paris Hilton etc … well, they’re still people.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is – no one deserves cancer.  Not even Jade Goody.

Hope she gets better soon, especially for the sake of her kids.

BNTM’s Leanne speaks to Car Crash Culture – and she’s moving in with Alex!

Leanne, left, on her first shoot of BNTM, with runner-up Catherine. 

Yes, you read the title right, Leanne Nagle spoke to yours truly!  I managed to contact my favourite BNTM contestant by using my elite list of contacts and winning personality.  Or, you know, I stalked her a bit.  Whichever way you want to look at it.

But anyway, Leanne – who, by the way, is one of the sweetest, most down to earth models I’ve ever spoken to – gave me some dirt about her future plans and how she feels about BNTM winner Alex.

Well it turns out that Leanne and Alex are good mates and are moving in together soon. She says: “Ali was my best friend in the house … she is such a lovely girl. The editing of her is awful at times which doesn’t help her at all. We are moving to London in September together!”

When I asked her what she’s doing now, the stunning redhead told me she’s working on a new drama series called New Me TV.

She says: “There’s girls all over competing for the new cover girl – that’s what the series is about. I’m really excited about it! I’m working behind the scenes as well with the girls and for most of them it’s their first time acting on film.”

When I ask her whether being on BNTM changed her life she says: “It changed my way of life but my perception of life hasn’t changed – I still run to Mummy when i need a cuddle and go in our crappy little summer house for fags and tea!”

A girl after our own hearts.  Good luck Leanne!

Liam Gallagher looks like a Scientologist

Last night I lazily cast my eye over the TV screen to see what my significant other was watching and saw Liam Gallagher on Gordon Ramsay’s show.  Gordon Ramsay!  He says the f word a lot!  Hohoho! That outrageous yet loveable Gordon Ramsay. 

Er, anyway, as much as the sight of Liam sitting in a posh restaurant without a V sign in sight was a shock to the system, it was his hair that made me utter the f word myself.  It looked like this, but even more straight and polished:                              

Work it, girlfriend.





Work it girlfriend!  But apart from the obvious fact that he looks like a bit of a twat, the more worrying thing is that it made me think of this:

Cruise\'s clones
  Wife and spawn of Tom Cruise                                           

So it has come to this.  Tom Cruise is now feeding our very own celebrities into his Scientology machine.  Run away Liam, before you become part of Cruise’s clan!

Hahaha.  That Gordon Ramsay.  “Fuck.”  Hilarious!