Liam Gallagher looks like a Scientologist

Last night I lazily cast my eye over the TV screen to see what my significant other was watching and saw Liam Gallagher on Gordon Ramsay’s show.  Gordon Ramsay!  He says the f word a lot!  Hohoho! That outrageous yet loveable Gordon Ramsay. 

Er, anyway, as much as the sight of Liam sitting in a posh restaurant without a V sign in sight was a shock to the system, it was his hair that made me utter the f word myself.  It looked like this, but even more straight and polished:                              

Work it, girlfriend.





Work it girlfriend!  But apart from the obvious fact that he looks like a bit of a twat, the more worrying thing is that it made me think of this:

Cruise\'s clones
  Wife and spawn of Tom Cruise                                           

So it has come to this.  Tom Cruise is now feeding our very own celebrities into his Scientology machine.  Run away Liam, before you become part of Cruise’s clan!

Hahaha.  That Gordon Ramsay.  “Fuck.”  Hilarious!