RIP Michael Jackson


Now I pride myself on only ever writing about things I want to on this blog, and not writing about something just because everyone else is talking about it.

But the passing of Michael Jackson is a historical day for music and popular culture, and I couldn’t just simply let it pass without a mention.

When I heard the news I was driving to work along the motorway and my mouth was hanging open with shock for the rest of the journey.  A legend was dead, and although I was never a massive fan, I don’t think there are many people who don’t have some sort of memory attached to some of his work.

The man had a strange, sad life in many ways, and perhaps he was the original car crash celebrity. But he will be missed and always remembered.

Rest in Peace, Jacko.



Oh. Dear. 

These “shoes” are apparently going to be the next trend for all fashion victims who rush out to buy the latest thing just because it’s “in”, never mind that fact that it’s FREAKING UGLY AS HELL. 

Like Uggs, and Crocs, but much, much worse.

I mean I ask this about everything I post but I will ask it again- SERIOUSLY??

Even the models look like they’d rather be wearing footwear of piranhas chewing away at their toes than these monstrosities.

I’m making my Christmas list early this year


You know, the best thing about the fashion industry is that it really does cater for everyday life.  I mean who could actually live without a coat made from mini kermit corpses?


And hands up who feels simply naked if they pop out for milk without the head of a pink fluffy monster drummer on top of their own nonce?

Actually, I can take the piss all I want, but my mum once gave me a cardigan that looked exactly like Animal from the muppets for my birthday.

I was a student at the time and thought I could get away with it.  I even wore it to lectures once or twice.  There were a lot of people at my university who gave up drugs shortly after that.

Kate Winslet looks amazing, and like every other actress in Hollywood


To find things to write about here I practically whizz through pictures of celebrities, only stopping when something makes me go “ooooh”, “aaaaah” or “eeeeew”.

I whizzed right past this one.  Then, a  few moments later as I was looking at a picture of Rhianna thinking how she really is getting away with that whole fetishist Woody Woodpecker look I thought: “Wait – was that Kate Winslet?!”

So I clicked back and confirmed to myself that it is indeed Kate Winslet, almost unrecognisable, with her new lean figure, tan and blonde hair.  She looks utterly fantastic.  But, she looked fantastic AND stood out from the crowd with her curves and pale skin.

I can’t help but think “what a shame”.