The shame of bringing in the cleaners

I have a confession to make. And it’s one I’ve been very reluctant to come right out and say. Because I feel people may judge me for it.

I haven’t been eating cupcakes on the toilet at night (recently, anyway) or having a pang in my knickers whenever I think about Boris Johnson. It’s much worse than that.

My confession is this. Every Thursday I pay some of my well-earned money for some complete strangers to enter my home and clean up mine and my boyfriend’s mess. Once a week I go to work in the morning, safe in the knowledge that when I come back, the carpets will be vacuumed, the toilet and bathroom cleaned and any residual dishes that have been left in the sink will be washed.

And now, after an unfortunate event with said cleaners of which I have wanted to publicly moan about, I realise how ashamed I am of of this. I’m a 21st century social network addict, moronically moaning about my first world problems via the mediums of Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. However, this time I felt the need to hold myself back because I’d probably rather admit to bringing in the cleaners in the mafia sense than announce that I actually have to pay someone to  help keep my place habitable. And to publicly complain about the problems that arise from this would just be wanky to the highest sense.

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Angelina Jolie is a very good person, in case you didn’t realise

Now, anyone who knows me, and knows Car Crash Culture, knows that I love Angelina Jolie.

I was vehemently defending her the other day when a friend and I were having a conversation about who is more inspirational/gorgeous/all round awesome – Angelina or Cheryl Cole.

Anyway, I wander from my original point which is, I love Angelina Jolie.  I’d probably worship her all the more fervently if she experimented more with colour, but you catch my drift.

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When did teenagers get so “cool”?


What’s happened to teenagers?  When I think of my adolescent years, I think of awful fashion, bad hair, acne and awkwardness.  But for today’s tweens life seems like one big Skins episode, where everyone is lithe, leggy and stylish.

How self-assured does 16-year-old Taylor Momsen look, above, in all of her bleached and stocking-ed glory?  Why couldn’t I look as aloof as Kristen Stewart when I was 18??

Thing is, underneath the fame and glamour that these young girls are enjoying, I do wonder what the cost is.   Taylor particularly concerns me.  I mean, ok, you have great legs love, but, you ARE 16.  How long was her childhood, five minutes?  It’s not just the chemical-coloured hair extensions and lashings of eyeliner that are worrying but the “seen it all, done it all” expression on her face.  I see another Lindsay Lohan in the making here, and it’s sad, but that’s now an unfortunate comparison to make.