A band widow’s appeal: If you watch anything on the internet today, watch this

Hello. My name is Lindsey and I am a band widow.

For want of a more positive term, you could call me a rock wag, instead. Or some people just like to use the term groupie.*

Whichever way you put it, I’m dating someone in a band.

In short, this means I’m irritating the shit out of everyone who follows me on social media right now because the band in question – Black Palms – have just released their first track. And I REALLY want everyone to see it.

It’s a difficult one though because the problem is, when you’re in a band or ‘with’ the band, no one else really gives a fuck. Sure, friends and family will give it a obligatory Facebook like and maybe a share but will people actually sit and watch the video and listen to the track? Download it? Subscribe to the mailing list? Tell their friends?


If you’re anything like me, when someone asks you to check out a video on the internet your immediate reaction is to think “maybe later” and then completely forget about it. Videos are hard work. You have to get your headphones in or make sure your sound’s turned up and then actually invest minutes of your precious time.

No one really watches videos on the internet do they, unless they’re of a cat doing something stupid, or showcasing dirty-looking food like one of those melting chocolate lava desserts, or showing something tear-jerking like a deaf baby hearing for the first time or something outrageous like a world leader saying something monstrously sexist or something cringeworthy like a pop star sounding like they’re being slowly strangled while singing at a big sports event.

Okay… so maybe people DO watch videos on the internet… but my point is, they’re usually something that’s already gone viral for some reason or other.

Black Palms are my cute cat, delicious junk food, gut-wrenching waterworks, jaw-dropping “did that really happen” all rolled into one. It doesn’t actually matter that I live with one of them and count the other two as close friends. That’s beside the point. I’m genuinely their biggest fan. I wouldn’t write about them here if I wasn’t. I’ve been to almost every single one of their gigs and have loved every moment, even when I’ve been pretty much the only person there.

What I’m trying to say is, they’re good. Like, really good. Good enough that they released 24 hours ago and the gig offers are pouring in from music promoters already.

So please, just watch the damn video at the top of the page. And if you agree, please let us know on Twitter or Facebook  before downloading the track for free here.

  • I actually looked up the definition of ‘groupie’ just to make sure it doesn’t exclusively mean someone who passes the same STD around the group in a cyclical fashion – it DOES also just mean someone who really loves and supports the band. I am the second type of groupie. Just to clarify.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 21.42.53

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