I’ve been infected with royal wedding fever


When the world first learned that Prince William and Kate Middleton were to ramshackle themselves to one another for all eternity I was one of those people that rolled their eyes and carried on with her lives because: “Who actually cares?”

Fast forward to the day before the wedding and my first thought on waking up this morning was: “Oh my God, I wonder how Kate is feeling right now?! She’s getting married TOMORROW. Oh my god, what will she wear? What shall I wear? What time should I leave the house? Should I get champagne?!!”

This wasn’t a sudden infection. I wasn’t attacked and bitten. Instead, it slowly seeped into me via osmosis and my membrane is now completely and utterly saturated with – well, acknowledgement that this wedding is a pretty big deal, at least in terms of history.

Love or hate the royal family, this is an event that will be read about in history books by our kids’ kids’ kids one day. And I know I will be one of those batty old women that talks about the ‘good old days’ when a young Prince Harry was ingesting vodka through his eyes and Queen Catherine was such a commoner she once actually shopped in clothes stores with real people and everything.

There’s something about the royal family. Something at least, to make me actually update this blog for the first time in months. Of course there will always be anti-monarchists pointing out the shagging and spending and possible alleged questions of paternity but the best thing about these people is that they’re ours. And they give us an excuse to crack out the Pimms and ‘poo and cream teas and just be completely and unabashedly English for a bit –  because in an age of  hoodies and political correctness gone wrong and over exposure to all things Americana it’s sometimes easy to forget some of our traditions. And I do realise I risk sounding middle-aged in saying that, but that’s part of the problem.

I can’t help but wonder how Kate is feeling right now. If I was her the general feeling of “SCORE, I get to be called a princess and have everyone comment on my lovely swishy hair” would have now turned into having the ability to do nothing other than rock back and forth in a corner and throw up every now and then. I mean, imagine – the ENTIRE WORLD watching you. People in a bazillion countries all seeing your wedding dress and forming their opinion on it before your husband-to-be has even set eyes on you in your bridal glory.

And then after the wedding. Having to do all that princess-y stuff. Always on best behaviour. The tabloids looking for every possible flaw they can highlight to prove that you are not Princess Diana reincarnated. It’s a big deal to take on.

But she seems pretty grounded and level-headed… I say purely from simply seeing hundreds of pictures of the girl over the last few months.  Let’s face it, she could be a hard core raver who drinks a bottle of Jack for breakfast for all we know. But we all sort of feel like we know her because we’ve become so accustomed to her dazzling smile, classy style and ever-so-slightly dodgy way of wearing her eye-liner (you can’t be a true royal without some minor detail that humanises you a little).

So, although I was one of the ones who scorned the royal engagement, I admit it – I’m a complete sucker for the wedding and will definitely be watching with great cheer.

Good luck Wills and Kate!

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