Angelina Jolie is a very good person, in case you didn’t realise

Now, anyone who knows me, and knows Car Crash Culture, knows that I love Angelina Jolie.

I was vehemently defending her the other day when a friend and I were having a conversation about who is more inspirational/gorgeous/all round awesome – Angelina or Cheryl Cole.

Anyway, I wander from my original point which is, I love Angelina Jolie.  I’d probably worship her all the more fervently if she experimented more with colour, but you catch my drift.

And I would never want to undermine the brilliant work she does in underdeveloped countries.. but… why oh why must the woman go on these missions with cameras in tow dressed as Mother Teresa?

Whenever she carries out this work she has a very particular expression –  a… “I am wistful and thoughtful about the pain of the world and must save all humanity – as long as everyone is watching”  face.

Just sayin’.

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