Emma Watson has gone for the chop

Ok, I’m going to admit that when this picture popped up on my screen I actually gasped and said: “OH. MY GOD.”

And that means I should really re-evaluate my life, I suppose.

But, talk about drastic!  Perhaps it’s an expression of her being liberated from ever having to play Hermione Granger again?  Her way of saying: “Look world, I am a serious actress now. And while you’re at it send a few more high fashion modelling contracts my way please as I clearly possess exquisite bone structure that can pull off any style.”

I’m not a fan of mega-short hair (there was a boy-cut incident when I was 14 of which we do not speak) but I have to say, I quite like this on Emma.

This made me think: “That’s probably the best short cut I’ve seen since Mia Farrow. Although Michelle Williams looked rather lovely with her elfin crop as well.”


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