Oscars 2010: And more people wore more stuff

As well as the event itself, the after-parties cultivated yet even more outfits to ogle, especially the Vanity Fair one.  And you know what?  That bloody Cameron Diaz only went and did it AGAIN later in the night.

Like the dress she wore for the ceremony, this is glitzy, glam and super-flattering but also makes her look youthful.  Another huge thumbs-up.

I think we can now finally forgive her for that time she kept wearing bowler hats.

I might be developing a little style-crush on Kate Bosworth:

I adore the way this hangs off her petite frame. She wears it so well.

And then:

So fresh and pretty. I think her makeup sets it off perfectly.

Isn’t Jennifer Hudson so, so gorgeous?  Love her face, hair and dress here:

Can someone tell me how old Faith Hill is please?

I have been singing along to This Kiss on Radio Two for about 10 years now (yes, I listen to Radio Two, I am that down with the kids) and she looks, well,  my age.  And I’m pretty sure she didn’t record that oh-so infectious, happy song when she was 15 (top marks to whoever can work out my age now).

The other day I was writing about how I sort of dig actresses who are recognised not particularly because of their beauty but because, gasp, they can act.  Anna Kendrick falls into that catagory:

But, my lord, she does look stunning here.  No opting for edgy, gamine pixie cuts and oddball dresses for this chick.  She completely smashed classically beautiful.

I’m quite enjoying Kelly Osborne and her obvious weight-loss revellery at the moment.

She looks great in that dress.  And I actually like the mauve tint on her.  Come on, considering some of the colours her hair’s been in the past this is improvement people!  I think I like her at the moment because she just looks so happy though.  Bless our Kel.

I’m going to say it.  I don’t like these Alexander McQueen dresses.

Salma Hayek is a dream woman.  And she is wearing my worst nightmare.

Amanda Seyfried is really pretty.

The dress does look a little like it was fashioned from lily pads though.

Katy Perry showed us she can do red carpet elegance as well as cartoon capers on stage.

Though did she stand in a mud puddle?

2 thoughts on “Oscars 2010: And more people wore more stuff

  1. Hahahaha Linds I’m sat at an event with my colleague Ellie checking out your blog… she reckons Salma Hayek’s dress looks like a moth under a microscope… pretty accurate description I’d say!


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