Another day, another Lady Gaga fashion statement

Most people get up in the morning and throw on a pair of trousers and a top.

But it was just another day for Lady Gaga, as she got up, rolled about in flour, put on a bikini, rolled about in flour some more, stuck a load of pearls on her face and body, rolled about in flour and finished the look off with a hat and jacket.  And then probably rolled about in flour again.

My first thought was that she looks like she’s auditioning for a part of one of those sea-ghost things in Pirates Of The Carribbean 16 or whatever number we’re on now.  I thought she’d stuck some barnacles on her mug, in the hope she’d get to work with Johnny Depp (and now I’m just waiting for her to step out with scissors for hands.   It has to be done.)

But then, I decided, and I’m sorry because it’s really disgusting but it has to be said- ok, it doesn’t have to be said but I’ll say it anyway- she looks like a walking, talking yeast infection.

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