When did teenagers get so “cool”?


What’s happened to teenagers?  When I think of my adolescent years, I think of awful fashion, bad hair, acne and awkwardness.  But for today’s tweens life seems like one big Skins episode, where everyone is lithe, leggy and stylish.

How self-assured does 16-year-old Taylor Momsen look, above, in all of her bleached and stocking-ed glory?  Why couldn’t I look as aloof as Kristen Stewart when I was 18??

Thing is, underneath the fame and glamour that these young girls are enjoying, I do wonder what the cost is.   Taylor particularly concerns me.  I mean, ok, you have great legs love, but, you ARE 16.  How long was her childhood, five minutes?  It’s not just the chemical-coloured hair extensions and lashings of eyeliner that are worrying but the “seen it all, done it all” expression on her face.  I see another Lindsay Lohan in the making here, and it’s sad, but that’s now an unfortunate comparison to make.

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