Oh. Dear. 

These “shoes” are apparently going to be the next trend for all fashion victims who rush out to buy the latest thing just because it’s “in”, never mind that fact that it’s FREAKING UGLY AS HELL. 

Like Uggs, and Crocs, but much, much worse.

I mean I ask this about everything I post but I will ask it again- SERIOUSLY??

Even the models look like they’d rather be wearing footwear of piranhas chewing away at their toes than these monstrosities.

2 thoughts on “YUCK

  1. Look how Splayed their toes are?!! I liked toe socks, for about err a week….I could not wear them for more than a few hours because my toes get pulled apart and start missing each other… plus it hurts….

    Those are gunna hurt…. even more


  2. I used to agree about uggs.

    But then I got ugg-esque slippers, and I’ve been converted.

    They look kinda crappy, but they’re so comfortable I really couldn’t give a shit.


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