Jade Goody has cancer


Jade Goody has been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She received the news in India while participating in their version of Big Brother.  The clip apparently shows her being called to the diary room , after which she becomes hysterical and tells her fellow housemates: “I have cancer.” She has now left the house.

I’ve never hidden my dislike for Jade Goody in this blog.  I think the woman has absolutely no shame and needs to remove herself from the public eye.  But all the celebrities we love to hate – Jade, Kerry Katona, Paris Hilton etc … well, they’re still people.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is – no one deserves cancer.  Not even Jade Goody.

Hope she gets better soon, especially for the sake of her kids.

7 thoughts on “Jade Goody has cancer

  1. listen dudes,

    My point is this: why bow down to the cult of celebrity and dissect these hungry egocentric ghosts. It is us consuming their private/public lives that create the monsters we then try to slay. “Man is by nature a savage animal” quipped Thomas Hobbes. And none is so savage as the author of this blog. A waspish pop-journalist wannabe with the scruples of a 1970s glam rock icon. Let us all unite to stone this heathen for she is but worthless shale!!


  2. first of all ,glitter should not be given blog prevliges or space to write anything ,secondly i confess to thinking that jade s cancer news was a publitity stunt sadly i was wrong ,,, jade i am so sorry and i wish u the best of luck …i will get prayers said for u u r a strong girl and i know u will pull through best wishes …xxxxxx


  3. Personally, I find anyone who choses their name to be “Gary Glitter” is not worth taking opinion to heart.


  4. Silly git, did you not read what was written? She was saying that despite Jade’s appalling behaviour in the past, our blogger would never wish such an ailment on anyone.
    And before anyone starts saying that Jade never wanted the attention and thus people writing about her in the first place is wrong, and that much of what she said has been misconstrued, then remember where she started…. media whoring wannabe… big brother….


  5. Perhaps Jade’s illness will teach you to stop inanely attacking the lives of celebrities, you vicious asp. Personally I prefer Curioblog.co.uk. That guy’s a genius!!! : )


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