Couple had 18 kids for God

It’s interesting this story has come up because during my holidays I had a conversation about whether it’s selfish of us to have children in a world that’s over-populated and riddled with poverty.  Sure it’s lovely to have kids, but in doing so are we compromising the economy amongst many other factors?

Well, Alexandru and Livia Lonce, above, don’t seem to think so.  The couple from Canada have 18 children.  Yes 18.  And none of them were even multiple births.  She just keeps popping them out one after the other, after the other, after the other.

Alexandru says: “We just let God guide our lives, you know, because we strongly believe life comes from God and that’s the reason we did not stop the life.  We let life come.

Of course they do.  Let life come,  and suffer with the rest of the world!

Well, as soon as I read about this, only one thought came into my mind … crank up the volume and enjoy:

12 thoughts on “Couple had 18 kids for God

  1. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to judge others in their choices to have large families. I have 5 children and after the third one everyone kept saying “well you’re done now right?” I had two more after that and no, I didn’t have them just to annoy people! I say if you love kids and want a large family, go for it. BUT, but I feel that you should be able to afford and pay for those kids. By that I mean don’t have them if you are on the welfare roll. Steady income with the ability to pay for food and clothing and rent without asking for government help. (medical from your state or province for the children is okay) I will agree their are too many women popping out kids on taxpayers dime.


  2. alexandru y livia felicitaciones¡¡¡¡ son un ejemplo de vida porque hoy todo se toma con liviandad . todo facil y ràpido…… un aborto , no a la responsabilidad ect, y que hablar de un matrimonio constituido, y detener hijos todos del mismo padre…. DIOS LOS BENDIGA MUCHOOOOOO


  3. It does not matter that Ross and Rachel are not real people. The fact is women using protection get pregnant everyday. Clearly this couple is amazing to have so many children and still be married!! True big families are a thing of the past. However, why judge? They are making it work and are likely to support each other.


  4. Besides, no method will always be effective – look at Ross and Rachel in friends. They DID use a condom (which is the safest method) and still had Emma.

    I actually laughed at that.
    Ross and Rachel are NOT REAL PEOPLE. Subsuqently their storylines can’t be brought into this because IT DIDNT HAPPEN DEAR.
    Oh, and notontheguestlist, I love your stories and am pretty much addicted.
    You’re one of the funniest bloggers I’ve seen for awhile.


  5. He he, you speak about Ross and Rachel as if they’re real….it is a story… and however true it is about contraception not being 100% effective…. you simply cannot use fiction as a parallel for an argument….

    They are however, obviously not using ANY form of contraception… (“cough cough….the coil…the coil….!”)


  6. Sorry but I think you’re a bit deluded. The sad and sorry truth is that kids from very large families are more likely to suffer from poverty and become embroiled in crime. Now I’m not saying for one moment that the Lonce’s are like that- indeed I do not dislike them as you say, they seem like nice people- but in my country at least, large families usually equate to crime, teenage pregnancy and neglect. I should know, I live next door to such a family. Sometimes parents have loads of kids and just don’t think about that fact that they won’t be able to look after them properly.

    I never said that a whole generation should be made to stop having kids, I said they shouldn’t have so many. One, two, three kids fine, four ok, more than that, kids likely to not grow up very well adjusted, and therefore likely to cause trouble to the world rather than good.


  7. It’s not selfish though, because you don’t get much of a chance to think about yourself. You have to worry about immunisations, their sleep patterns and eating patterns. Everything you’re doing has to stop when they need you. How is that selfish?

    And true, for the most part contraceptives should be thought about, but we’re talking about a married couple here, and contraceptives are thought of less in marriage. Besides, no method will always be effective – look at Ross and Rachel in friends. They DID use a condom (which is the safest method) and still had Emma.

    You can’t blame human populations for lack of food, water and fuel etc exclusively though. That’s poor planning and lack of the right conditions in some areas. You can’t just stop one generation reproducing entirely because of overpopulation or lack of supplies!

    And I don’t think anyone thinks ‘hey, my DNA is amazing, let’s make some more of it’ – this couple decided to have so many kids because they want to send their kids out to do good in the world. Their thinking is more kids=more good being done. How can you dislike anyone who has that kind of thinking?


  8. How about just using contraceptives in the first place? And in the UK who would pay for all those children- that’s right us! The tax payers!

    I’m not knocking having kids, but personally, I feel that once you’ve had three or four, having any more is selfish. There is absolutely no danger of the human race going extinct, in actual fact we are in the shit because there are too many of us! There’s not enough food, water or fuel, and anyhow, the vast population is killing the planet off anyway. Whoever thinks their DNA is so great that they need so much offspring is thinking about themselves and not the bigger picture.


  9. I agree with the other comments, there’s nothing wrong with having kids. It’s better to carry on the human race then think of abortion as a contraceptive. Think you’ve got the wrong impression about having kids from somewhere. And like batguano101 (nice name btw) said, at least they’re still married, and happy as well. If they were unmarried, or those kids were from 18 different fathers, I’d be slightly more inclined to agree with you.


  10. Yeah, eighteen is a lot. Yikes! But that whole “not having kids because the planet is already overpopulated” thing is a little tired and misguided.


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