Kanye West writes like a 15 year-old-schoolgirl: Part 2

The Oscar Wilde of the 20th Century?

The pensive and intellectual Kanye West has graced us with another blog entry, addressing the rumour that he’s taking anger management classes.

This particular thought-provoking oasis of wisdom is entitled:


In it he writes of how the media may be somewhat mistaken in their speculations and of his indignation at their hasty folly.  This is beautifully presented with the use of no less than 15 rhetorical question marks and a climatic: “SIIIIIGGGHHHH!!!”

You present your argument well, Mr West.  Well done.

He even points out his own recognition of his highly journalistic skills:

Check this out…I took a quote from my rant and used it as my headline.. just like a real media outlet would…  hahaha

Indeed, Mr West.  Well done. 


3 thoughts on “Kanye West writes like a 15 year-old-schoolgirl: Part 2

  1. If Mr. West has an opportunity to complete a formal assessment for stress management, assertive communication, emotional intelligence and anger management, he will probably be persuaded to seek help. Anger management should include all of the above.
    These services can only be provided by a Certified Anger Management Provider.
    A national list of providers can be found at http://www.andersonservices.com.


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