The babies on TV are going to get me…

Above is an advert that is doing the rounds in the UK, for baby formula.  It shows babies giggling!  How cute!

Ok, am I the only person that finds these babies CREEPY AS FUCK? (Had to do a ‘Kanye capslocking’ there for added emphasis.)

I’m sorry, I’m sure they’re are lovely and cute really, but whenever the advert comes on and the first baby starts to laugh I jump out of my skin, thinking: “Argh, what’s that?”

Then it goes onto the second blued-eyed babe who is actually quite sweet and I almost let myself go “awww”… then the third one comes on and I’m screaming: “EVIL!!!”

Am I the only one who sees this?

Ooooh, Britain’s Next Top Model has started.  Why write about evil babies and milk formula when I can be drinking a glass bottle of wine while watching evil teenage girls clawing one anothers eyes out?

One thought on “The babies on TV are going to get me…

  1. My LO loves this ad … but he has a similar reaction to you. He hears the first baby and he turns his head slowly, and gives a chuckle.

    He sees the second baby and roars his head off – whatever this baby said in baby language, my LO thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world!

    But until recently, he stops laughing at the sight of the third baby and gives him a “how dare you?” look … lately he’s started a few fake laughs for him though (it might be something to do with crawling, seeing how LO has just started)


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