Just a quickie to say…

I would like to give a quick celebratory “yay!” at the fact that Car Crash Culture has reached its first milestone.  Every blog I have ever been inspired by gets loads of comments from haters, and behold, CCC has started to get its very own hate comments!  Does this mean I’ve made it?  On the very same day, the average number of page views have more than tripled.  So to all my readers, thank you.

I’m sorry, no celebrity rant today because I don’t blog under the influence. Ok, that’s a lie. But I refuse to write unless I feel strongly enough about something, and this weekend hasn’t seen anything much more than the usual stuff about Amy Winehouse wondering about in her bra on the brink of death. Lord help her. 

Happy Sunday night and I’ll be, as Amy would say, back to black in the week.



One thought on “Just a quickie to say…

  1. It looks like young David has left two messages along the way… (one also about the Chanel ladies)… if he does not like this blog, (or blof as he calls it) maybe he should stop reading it…..??


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