Avril Lavigne wants you to smell like her

Eternal 16-year-old Avril Lavigne is the latest celebrity to launch her own perfume.  She says: “Creating this fragrance is a fun process and I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone.” Oh please.  I can’t imagine this obnoxious brat wanting to share anything with anyone.  Famous for snubbing her fans, gobbing at photographers and cancelling shows to go out partying, the only fragrance I can imagine her sharing is the stench of spit, vodka and 3-day-old eyeliner.

Doesn’t she know what pink hair
does to people? (see below)

Who the hell buys celebrity fragrances anyway?  Seriously, who actually bought Jade Goody’s piss in a bottle and made it a best-seller?  Although saying that, someone once got me J-Lo’s ‘Glow’ for christmas and I actually liked it, and used up the whole bottle.  Oh my god, next I’ll be telling you that I have all of Avril’s albums.  Shit!  Stop reading!  There’s a lovely post about Lily Allen being a drunk idiot below, go read that.

2 thoughts on “Avril Lavigne wants you to smell like her

  1. I thought she was trying to be a singer and learn to play the guitar! What the hell is she doing standing there in her glittery dress with her “new fragrance” for? Two seconds ago, she was trying to convince us all that she was a skater girl whose main goal in life was to “trash” as many “malls” as possible and hang out of moving cars yelling “I like skateborading and electric guitars and smashing things cos I’m like so punk…. yeah!

    Avril… Johnny Rotten would kick your arse! And as for your new found fragrance and femininity…? Adam Ant has better eyeliner than you do! And he looked hotter… that’s not even sarcastic… even men can do the feminine look better than you can! You know when that happens, it’s time to give up.

    Wow, this feels good!


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